Massimo Dinoia



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Massimo has been a lawyer since 1977 and has been admitted to practice at the higher courts.
He has taken up defensive assignments in criminal proceedings that have written the Italian judicial history of the last thirty years. To mention but a few: the trial for the murder of police officer Calabresi; the IRI “black funds” trial, the IMI-SIR trial; the inquiries into the Porto Marghera petrochemical poisoning and into the collapse of the Banco Ambrosiano. Other important cases include Oil for Food, Savoia-gate, Why Not and Poseidon, and the Trento and Naples blood-derived drugs cases.
He is particularly well known for his close involvement in the Mani Pulite investigations, as well as his counsel to Antonio Di Pietro, as both a person under investigation and civil claimant.
He also provided counsel to civil claimants in other equally historic trials: in particular, mention should be made of the Val di Stava disaster and the collapse of Francesco Jovine school building as a result of the earthquake that struck Molise on 31 October 2002.
Today he is at the forefront of key Italian trials involving tax, corporate, insolvency, financial and banking offices and offences against the public administration, fields in which he provides counsel to high-profile members of the Italian and international business, industrial and financial communities.
He advises a number of Italian and multinational banks and companies, giving legal opinions on possible criminal consequences of corporate reorganisations and in insolvency procedures (turnaround plans, restructuring agreements, compositions with creditors, etc.) in addition to environmental, tax, corporate and financial matters.
He has assisted clients with aspects of criminal law significance of voluntary disclosure procedures and has also been a speaker on these issues at various conferences organised in Italy and abroad.
He is a member of the Supervisory Board of well-known Italian listed companies.

Foreign languages: French.